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About File Utility Suite
We believe that one of the challenges facing computer users today is keeping files organized. File Utility Suite was borne out of need. We needed these tools during the course of our software development and just general computer use. One major consideration was our thought toward the future - the software was designed to allow us to include additional features in the future. The application you download and use is the exact same application we use here in house - there is absolutely no difference.

The main feature in FUS is the ability to name and number files. The user interface allows you setup changes to be made and to preview the changes on the actual files as you do the setup. You can see the current name and the new name as you make the changes. Then, when you are ready you press the 'Rename' button and the changes then occur.

We are proud of our user interface and feel it is incredibly powerful, yet very easy to use. FUS allows you to operate on the filename or the extension (the part after last the period) or folder name. With it, you can:

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File Utility Suite was initially uploaded only to Subsequently, other download sites picked it up and did their own independent review. We are proud and very grateful to these sites for their efforts and the recognition they have given File Utility Suite.
We would like to thank FamousWhy for their Famous Software Award. Their award states:

Important criterias for this award:

Additionally, we have been given the 100% FREE award granted by Softpedia

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